There’s NO monthly mortgage payment when a Reverse Mortgage is used to buy a home!

10,000 baby boomers turn 62 every day, making them the eligible age to apply for a Reverse Mortgage if they own a home!

  • Why not explain to those potential homebuyers that they can get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to retirement cash for a home purchase?  Homebuyers can even buy-up – and get more house than by paying cash.
  • Whether it’s SFRs, PUDs, FHA approved condos, townhouses, 1-4 units or new construction, REALTORS® can do more transactions if they get the word out to homebuyers that qualify.

Plaza Home Mortgage has been in the reverse mortgage business since 2008 – we’re Reverse Mortgage SPECIALISTS, with an experienced team-members assigned to help you from A to Z.  Plaza gets the job done!

And find out about Plaza’s 15-minute Pre-Qual – before you know it, you’ll find out if it’s a go or not.

Don’t miss out on this emerging market.

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