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Plaza Home Mortgage® helped Bay Area brokerage JBM Mortgage go from avoiding reverse mortgages, to actively seeking them out – creating a whole new revenue stream in the process.

See the case study to find out:

  • What made JBM Mortgage decide to do their first reverse mortgage
  • Why JBM Mortgage chose Plaza
  • The end benefit for JBM Mortgage's happy client

JBM Mortgage Case Study

Why not talk to us and see if it's right for you? Plaza has the experience, the know-how, and the can-do attitude to help you through every step, so you can be just as confident as JBM Mortgage when you decide to take on your first, second, or even hundredth reverse mortgage.

Give us a call today at 858.812.0307, or drop us a line at to discover how you can become a reverse mortgage leader with the experience and reliability of Plaza on your side.

You can also get a quick, 15-minute Reverse Pre-Qual today to see if your client is a good candidate for this program.

“Plaza’s team walked me through every step of the process. At the end of the day, it comes down to their customer service. They know their stuff. They answer your questions.” 

- Julie McKinney, Owner, JBM Mortgage