Plaza Home Mortgage's Certified Loan Program can protect our correspondents from loan manufacturing defects at no additional cost to them, and helps substantially mitigate correspondent repurchase risk.

The Federal Savings Bank Case Study

Federal Savings Bank is a federally chartered, OCC-regulated bank, headquartered in Chicago. The bank originates about $4 billion a year. They have been a National Correspondent client of Plaza for more than five years, and use Plaza’s Certified program on all the loans they sell to Plaza.

By applying Plaza’s Certified Loan Program to a defaulted loan, Federal Savings Bank saved more than $52,000.

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“The reality is, if you haven’t used Certified, you don’t know how important it is. And when you do use it, you’re like ‘Whoa! Wow! I’m glad we have that.” 

- Chuck Smith, Head of Federal Savings Bank’s Secondary Marketing Operations