Deliver the digital experience your borrowers want

Get the streamlined verification of assets (VOA) process you need

Plaza Home Mortgage® is rolling out new digital integrations with Calyx® Wholesaler MarketPlace and NAMB All-In™!

In addition to 1003 information, Plaza can now receive a digital verification of assets (VOA) report and send back rate lock confirmations directly into Calyx  or NAMB-All In! 

Now using either system you can:

  • Import your 1003 directly into Plaza’s BREEZE LOS
  • Offer your borrowers the option to apply online and authorize the digital verification of assets (VOA) - no more will borrowers have to scan, email or upload bank statements
  • Automatically receive Plaza’s rate lock confirmation directly into your selected system

Using the platforms together couldn’t be easier

It all starts in Calyx Zip, the mobile-friendly borrower interview. The borrower 1003 data is collected from Zip and conveniently populated within  Point®, PointCentral®or All-In. Within minutes, the borrower-authorized VOA also is complete, and your asset report details are available. All the borrower data and VOA are then submitted to Plaza via Calyx Wholesaler MarketPlace.

Then, once your loan is locked in Plaza’s BREEZE system, you’ll receive the lock confirmation document directly into your chosen system's document management. Pretty simple, right?

Contact your Plaza Account Executive today to learn more about how you can start leveraging this technology to process more loans, faster. Or email us at