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See a real-life example of how Plaza Home Mortgage® helped our longtime client, Delaware Pacific, do its first FHA reverse mortgage and keep a very important client happy.

Delaware Pacific is a privately owned, high volume boutique mortgage broker and direct lender serving the Los Angeles and Southern California market. They had never done an FHA reverse mortgage before, but when they received a referral from a key client, they knew just where to turn.

Delaware Pacific Case Study

Every year the US homeowner population continues to age; with over 10,000 people in the US turning 62 every day, and home equity at an all time high of over $7 trillion, the opportunity for the reverse mortgage industry has never been better. As more Americans enter retirement age, a reverse mortgage can be a key component of a financial or retirement plan.

Plaza makes it easy for our clients to succeed in FHA reverse mortgages with our dedicated support team, comprehensive training programs, and marketing materials to help you get your name out there. Plaza underwrites, insures, and services all of our FHA HECM reverse mortgages so you can be confident that we are with you and your clients every step of the way.

Why not talk to us about it and see if it’s right for you? Give us a call today at 858.812.0307, or drop us a line at to discover how you can become a reverse mortgage leader with the experience and reliability of Plaza on your side.

You can also get a quick, 15-minute Reverse Pre-Qual today to see if your client is a good candidate for this program.

“Knowing the importance of this deal and knowing I’d have someone to hold my hand to do it, I flagged Plaza Home Mortgage as the only company I would trust to make things go smoothly.” – Waleed Delawari, President of Delaware Pacific.