Get on the Express Track with Speedy Turn Times and Great Low Pricing

Agency Express from Plaza Home Mortgage offers brokers faster initial turn times on core Fannie Mae® or Freddie Mac programs. It’s an expedited submission option for eligible W-2 or fixed income borrowers with pricing they’ll love, plus you may be able to close in as few as 10-15 days.


Agency Express is available for purchase, rate/term and cash-out refinance on Conforming Balance and High Balance/Super Conforming loans.


Let’s get your deals on the Agency Express. Loans that qualify will need to be:

  • W-2 or fixed income borrowers (tax returns are ineligible)
  • Primary residences, one-unit detached SFR/PUDs and detached condos
  • Purchase, Rate/Term, or Cash-out refinances
  • Conforming and High Balance/Super Conforming
  • AMI LLPA Waiver eligible
  • 2-1 and 1-0 Seller-paid buydowns eligible
  • The borrower’s only owned property, regardless if financed or free and clear
  • A complete package submitted with all income and asset documentation per DU®/LPA findings
  • DU/LPA loans and must meet Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac requirements

Talk to your Plaza Account Executive to get started, or if you aren’t signed up with Plaza yet you can get started right now! Apply now, email us at, or call us at 866.260.2529.